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Automatic Metallic Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Model: JB-A


JB-450/750A automatic type pendulum impact tester is used to determine the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load and is capable of doing a large number of impact tests continuously. The automatic type pendulum impact tester can display the impact power, impact toughness, and the pendulum’s rotation angle. All the testing reports can be printed out. JB-450/750A can be equipped with fully automated sample feeding system, which greatly improves the test efficiency, and reduce labor intensity. The cryogenic cooling device is available for impact tests under the lowest temperature down to -196 ° C. The automatic type pendulum impact testing system is the essential quality control equipment for metal material manufacturers and QC departments, as well as the necessary instrument of research institutes for new material research.

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1. The load frame and frame base adopts integral combination of casting process, with a double support of parallel coordination. The supporting axis adopts single beam structure. Pendulum with reasonable distribution of radial load bearing effectively reduces the distortion of supporting axis and greatly lowers the energy losses caused by the bearing’s friction.
2. Round shape pendulum design effectively reduces the resistance of wind. The striker is installed with wedge clamping screws for easy disassembling.
3. Electromagnetic clutch mechanism works during the rising of pendulum to ensure a structural coordination and comprehensive security.
4. The automatic type pendulum impact tester adopts two-stage reducer transmission system with simple structure, easy assembly, easy maintenance, long working life and low failure rate.
5. The real time testing data will be shown on an LCD monitor after being acquired by the measure & control system. Striking angle, impact energy, toughness and other parameters can be automatically collected, calculated and displayed on screen. The testing report can be printed out according to actual requirement.
6. Specimen collection device can take out the broken specimen after the impact test automatically, rather than manually. So it can ensure the safety and improve the work efficiency since operators don’t have to collect the broken specimen in the interior of the machine by themselves.
7. Fully enclosed safety shield can effectively prevent the splash of sample breakage to ensure operation safety and can keep the operator away from the interior of the test machine. The pendulum impact testing system is also equipped with interlock door limit switch. The safety shield frame is made of aluminum alloy with transparent tempered glass for easy observation.
8. Optional specimen feeding system is available. Combined with computer and software, full automatic operation can be realized.
9. Optional cooling & heating device is available to keep the safety of the impact testing under simulation.
10.Upon request, the following pendulum are available for getting different impact energies. 150J, 300J (JW-450A)
300J, 450J, 600J (JW-750A)
Applied Standard
ASTM E23, ASTM E1820, ASTM E2298, ISO 148, EN10045, GB/T 3808, GB/T 229, JJG145, JJG 609
1.Maximum Energy: 450/750J
2.Angle of Striking: 150º±1º
3.Velocity of Striking: 5.24m/s
4.Anvil Span: 40mm
5.Radius of Curvature of Supports: R1 to 1.5mm
6.Radius of Striker: R2/R8mm
7.Angle of Striking Tip: 30º
8.Thickness of Striker: 16mm
9.Specimen Dimension: 55mm × 10mm × 10/7.5/5mm
10.Load Frame Dimension: 2100 × 830 × 2100mm
11.Weight: 900kg