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Digital Signal Conditioners with Digital Display – Model DSC-DD

The DSC-DD is a digital signal conditioner with analog output. All calibration is handled by software via an RS232 connection. The sampling rate is well suited for typical tensile and compression tests. They provide all the signal conditioning electronics needed for a strain gage based extensometer. The DSC-DD has an excitation voltage of 5 VDC and high accuracy amplifier to provide a high level DC voltage output. The unit includes a tare button to zero output at the start of every test and a shunt button for periodic verification of the output. The output is well suited for direct connection to data acquisition boards which require a high level DC input voltage. It will also connect directly to chart recorders or test controllers. For computer based controls, it allows the extensometer data to be acquired by the data acquisition software. All models include a power cord for your country. A 2.5 m (8 ft) output cable is included to connect to external systems. Calibration with an extensometer is included in the pricing.

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