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Axial-Torsional Digital Electronic Calibrators – Model 3590AT

Epsilon’s axial/torsional calibrator features 50 microinches (0.001 mm) resolution and has 2 inches (50 mm) of measuring range axial and torsional rotation where 0.050 inch (1.27 mm) of linear motion equates to 1° angle of twist. The autozero button and digital display greatly simplify calibration of extensometers. The 3590AT calibrator is designed to be used with the Model 3550 and 3550HT axial/torsional extensometers.

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The digital display reads mm and changes to inches at the touch of a button. The autozero button is a great help in calibrating. Just press the button to start readings from zero. The digital display reduces operator error.
  • 0.001 mm (50 microinches) resolution.
  • ±0.004 mm/25 mm (±0.00015 in/in) accuracy.
  • 50 mm (2 inches) axial measuring range.
  • Torsional 10 degree measuring range.
  • Digital display.
  • Autozero button simplifies readings.
  • Foam lined case for storage included.
  • System fully calibrated traceable to NPL (UK standards organization).

Options For Available Adapter Sets

The 3590AT can be converted into a standard Model 3590 calibrator with the optional 3590AT-3590 adapter.
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