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Electrical Creep and Rupture Testing Machine

Model: ECR Series


This series of computer control electronic creep and rupture testing machine is newly designed with full-digital measuring control system to meet the standards of GB/T2039, GB/T 20120, EN ISO 204-2009 and ASTM E139 etc. The electronic creep and rupture testing system can perform not simply creep, stress-rupture test and stress relaxation test on metals under room or high temperatures, but also low cycling test & creep fatigue test. The electronic creep and rupture testing machine is widely used for quality control in factories, material researches in R & D department and teaching in universities.

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This creep and rupture tester is equipped with main frame, high-temperature furnace, water cooling system, temperature control system, measurement & control system and computer system, etc.

1. Load frame

a. Load frame of double column, working bench and upper crossbeam forms a compact loop frame with high stiffness.
b. With harmonic wave reducer and synchronous belt drives-pulleys decelerator, the drive drives nut rotating by motor to move the ball screw up and down. By the no-backlash & stable transmission and quick response, the precision control of test load (or deformation) can be assured.
c. Direction joint for auto-centering on the pull-rod guarantees the efficiency of coaxiality.

2. Measurement control system

a. The electronic creep and rupture testing machine has high resolution on load and deformation measuring (24bits) and has no shift between outside and inside. The whole stroke resolution has no change and can be set according to users’ requirements.
b. The electronic creep and rupture testing machine adopts highly precise load cell and long time stability.
c. Double direction extensometer adopts digital micrometer (or differential transformer) with the characters of high precision, anti-heat and high anti-jamming. The guide part of extensometer has fine stiffness so as to guide rolling bearing easily.
d. The electronic creep and rupture testing machine has the functions of automatic zeroing and calibration.
e. The electronic creep and rupture testing machine has the protecting methods of overload, over-stroke, over voltage, over flow and over heat etc.
f. Equipped with timing device, this electronic creep & rupture testing machine will begin to time and display if the load reaches the set value.
g. The electronic creep & rupture testing machine can be equipped with position limit switch or alarming control and interlock protectors between every executive parts.
h. Equipped with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), the descending furnace temperature and shrinking specimen can raise the test load in case the electric furnace is suddenly power off. If the test load increases to 0.1% (Set value), the loading system will start to make the test load return to the original set value. So it can automatically keep the test load and alarm to avoid the damage to the specimen and testing machine.
i. Adopting digital measurement & control meter and low noise transducer, there is a smaller system flow to ensure its enduring work of creep & rupture test.

3. Main function

a. The multiple sets of creep and stress-rupture testing machine can complete the auto-measurement of temperature and collect the deformation data of the machines.
b. The multiple sets of creep and stress-rupture testing machine can complete the real time monitor for the temperature, deformation data, real time display, alarm and control for the data of each testing machine.
c. The multiple sets of creep and stress-rupture testing machine can process the data collected and report to the users.
d. Equipped with computer in the server end, the multiple sets of creep and stress-rupture testing machine can realize uniform data processing for the test data from multiple sets of testing machines.

4. System data process:

This system software carries on the detailed analysis for high-temperature creep and stress rupture test. The electronic creep & rupture testing machine is designed more rationally by ideal data flow combined with the object-oriented software. By the multithreading scheme which performs data collection, data display, image display and data saving synchronously, the electronic creep & rupture testing machine can save the system sources of computer hardware effectively.

5. System database hold:

Inter-base performs data saving by using multifunctional database management system. Compared with other smaller mode desktop databases such as Access, Foxbase or files, this system software has powerful advantages, especially in large demands for data capacity and data managements. And it’s also based on the developing trend of future software.

Model ECR-30 ECR-50 ECR-100 ECR-200
Max. Load 30kN 50kN 100kN 200kN
Effective measuring range 1%~100%FS
Relative error of the load display ≤ ±1% (or ±0.5%)
Load resolution 1/300000 of the Max. Load
Load stability ≤±0.5%(or ±0.2%)
Load shift 4×10-4/24h(under constant temperature)
Load rate 3000N/s
Chuck speed range 0.001~100mm/min
Chuck speed accuracy ±0.5%
Chuck travel 200mm
Chuck ment ≤10%
Standard Size of specimen Creep test: φ10x100mm; Rupture strength test: φ10x50mm; Different adaptors can be provided per the required standards;
Load frame dimension 800x650x2350mm
Column clearance 480mm
Column diameter φ70mm
Load frame weight Approx. 850kg
Deformation timing Above 7000hrs
Timing error ±0.1%
High temperature furnace & Temperature-controller
Temperature range 200-900°C/200-1100°C /200-1200°C
Length of effective soaking zone Min. 100mm(Max.300mm)
Furnace pipe & electric furnace size: Furnace inner chamber: φ90mm×380mm (L), Furnace outside: φ300mm ×420mm (L)
Furnace shell temperature ≤90°C
Temperature-controller SHIMADEN, Japan with Sensitivity of 0.1°C
Thermal couple K type, 3 pcs
Deformation measuring By LVDT Heidenhain from Germany
Max. deformation 5mm or 10mm
Deformation accuracy ±1um
Deformation resolution 1um
Power Load frame 220V±10%, 50Hz, 0.4kw Furnace 380V±10%; 50Hz±2%, 3KW