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Automatic Type Cupping Testing Machine



The digital cupping tester is mainly used in the test of metal sheets and thin strips. The automatic cupping testing machine can test the plastic deformation performance of the sheets and thin strips. The automatic cupping testing machine meets the requirement of international GB/T 4156-2007 "Metal Material Sheet and Thin Strip Erichsen Cupping Test”.
Adopting a hydraulic clamping and hydraulic stamping composite oil cylinder, the cupping tester automatically shuts down when a test sample has crack, so as to facilitate the observation of crack. With peak value memorizing function, the cupping tester can automatically memorize the maximal stamping force and the maximal deformation depth. A turning type clamp ensures the convenient replacement, assembling and disassembling of a punch and a test sample.

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Thickness of Steel Plate Standard Cupping Test 0.1-2mm (nonstandard cupping test 0.1-3mm)
Max. cupping load (kN) 60
Max. clamping load (kN) 25
Max. of sheet material (mm) 100
Max. stroke of punch (mm) 60
Stroke of clamping piston (mm) 19-21
Die specification (mm) Diameter of standard punch: Φ20±0.05
Aperture of standard cushion die: Φ33±0.1 Aperture of standard compression die: Φ27±0.05; (non-calibration production)
Digital display resolution (mm) 0.01
Digital display mode By computer and software
Display contents Clamping force, stamping force, displacement, cupping value and velocity
Control mode automatic judgment and recording of cupping value
Structural characteristics Hydraulic servo system for clamping load and servo motor for cupping load with double controls

This standard applies to deep impact test of non-ferrous metal sheet and deep drawing cup test of tapes with thickness from 0.1mm to 3.00mm and inspects the symmetrical ear-shaped bulges (earring ratio test) formed by anisotropy of rolling sheets and tapes.