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Spring Fatigue Testing Machine

Model: TPJ Series


Model TPJ Series Mechanical Computer Control Spring Fatigue Testing Machine is mainly used for the fatigue properties of all kinds of coil springs, disc springs, shock absorbers, and seal springs etc. The Spring Fatigue Testing Machine consists of motor, reducer on the connecting cams to drive the connecting rod and make reciprocating motion achieve the compression fatigue movement. The Spring Fatigue Testing Machine is efficient without any pollution to the environment. Equipped with different accessories, the Spring Fatigue Testing Machine can test springs of different sizes. Adopting the single-chip machine control, the Spring Fatigue Testing Machine realizes auto stop function when it reaches the preset test times. The Spring Fatigue Testing System is widely used in quality controls for spring, shock absorber production, and relevant applications.

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● The amplitude and frequency of the spring can be adjusted according to technical requirements
● High automation: Input the frequency and the number of tests to the testing program and the test can be completed automatically.
● Auto shut down and the number of tests can be preset.
● Auto stop at the break of spring
● Easy to operate, stable and reliable
● Four testing stations can work to test four pieces of springs at the same time.
Main Components
● Load Frame: The Spring Fatigue Testing Machine adopts mechanical loading, using the traditional crank linkage, electromagnetic speed motor drive and making use of flywheel energy storage methods to ensure the loading stability and operational reliability. So the whole alternating stress forms a good sine wave. Furthermore, the Spring Fatigue Testing Machinet is equipped with a spring pre-regulator (manual adjustment mode) and amplitude adjusting mechanism (manual adjustment mode).
● Four load cells for four testing stations
● Transmission System: by speed-booster installation, lead screw and guiding parts.
● Drive System: electromagnetic speed motor drive.
● Measuring & Control System: includes computer data acquisition & processing systems, counters, speed control device, load measuring system, etc. Through a variety of signal processing, real-time display & control, it records the number of tests, test frequency, and test load and the real-time display of load-time curve.
● Software Operating System: Based on Win XP operating platform, the test report can be exported to Word or Excel format. Test conditions can be set as follow:
Testing load drops to a certain KN, then stop and alert.
Testing number reaches a certain times, then stop.
Testing time reaches a certain time (hours), then stop.
● Security Devices: automatic shutdown when it reaches the preset number of times or the preset time, over-current, over-voltage with over speed protection devices
● Standard Testing fixture or as per customer requirement
Item Description TPW-5 TPW-10 TPW-20 TPW-50
Max. Test Total load 5kN 10kN 20kN 50kN
Test Frequency 0.5~5 Hz adjustable
Amplitude: Max: ± 50mm stroke 100mm
Counter capacity 9×109
Spring testing stations four stations or customized
Display: by computer screen
Max. Spring outer diameter Ф90 mm Ф150 mm
Spring free length 150 mm 390 mm
Power supply 3PH, 380 VAC 50 Hz