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Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine

Model: DWTT Series


DWTT Drop Weight Impact Testing System is suitable for drop weight tear test of various kinds of ferrite, especially for the test of DWTT for pipeline steel as ASTM-E 436, API-RP 5L3, ASTM-E 208 and DIN EN 10274. DWTT has integrated mechanical, electrical, and automatic control technology, and achieved full automation of feeding, hammer lifting impact, and fracture specimen collection. The load frame has a four-column design, features in stable supporting structure, rigid, dual sliding rails. The Drop Weight Drop Weight Tester is equipped with positioning mechanism, anti-dumping mechanism, safety mechanism, hydraulic buffer devices and security guard net. The impact energy is determined by the lifting height and configuration of different net weights.
DWTT Drop Weight Impact Testing System is the essential quality control equipment for pipeline manufacturers, steel mills, iron and steel enterprises, and is also widely used for research institutes.
1. Buffer device is equipped to avoid the second impact and absorb the residual energy after breaking the specimen so as to prevent the weigher and anvil from destroying. The installation of safety mechanism, buffer device, and security guard net will effectively secure the testing machine and its operation to extend its life.
2. Configuration of the specimen-feeding system, anti-second impact device, and specimen centering mechanism will guarantee a quick, accurate and reliable test.

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Model DWTT- 20000 DWTT- 30000 DWTT- 40000 DWTT- 50000 DWTT- 80000 DWTT- 100000
Max. Energy (J) 20000 30000 40000 50000 80000 100000
Max. Lifting (mm) 3000 2800 2500 2000 3000 3000
Max. Impact Velocity (m/s) 7.6 7.4 7 7 7.5 7.5
Curvature Radius of Weight (mm) R25 R25 R25.4±2.5 R25 R25 R25
Curvature Radius of Anvil (mm) R25 R25 R14.3±1.59 R15.5 R15 R15.5
Hardness of Weight and Anvil ≥HRC58 ≥HRC58 HRC58-65 HRC58-65 HRC58-65 HRC58-65
Distance between Supports (mm) 254 254 254 254 254 254
Centering Deviation of Specimen (mm) ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1
Indicating Deviation of Lifting (mm) ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1
of the Load Frame (mm) 5500 5500 5700 5700 6800 7000
Weight (kg) 5600 5600 9500 17800 18000 24000

Instrumented system can be added per client’s requirement