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Dynamic and Static Electro-Hydraulic Servo Testing Machine

Model: PLS Series


PLS series dynamic and static testing machine is produced according to the dynamic servo test technology. Our design of the electro-hydraulic servo testing system is unitized, standardized and modularized, which enhance the stability and reliability of the system. The electro-hydraulic servo testing system is mainly used to test the dynamic and static mechanical performance of material parts. Equipped with corresponding accessories, the servo-hydraulic testing system can do tensile, compression, low and high cycle, crack growth tests and other mechanical tests for various kinds of materials. The Dynamic and Static Testing Machine is widely used in the fields of aviation and aerospace, ship-building and military industries.

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Model PLS-15/30 PLS-50/100 PLS-250/300 PLS-500 PLS-1000
Max. static load (kN) ±15/30 ±50/100 ±250/300 ±500 ±1000
Max. dynamic load (kN) ±10/20 ±35/70 ±175/200 ±350 ±700
Measuring accuracy Load ≤±0.5/1 from 2%-100%of F. S.
Displacement ≤±0.5/1 of F. S.
Deformation ≤±0.5/1
Frequency (Hz) 0.01-50/0.01-100 0.01-10/0.01-35
Amplitude (mm) ±75/100/125
Wave forms Sine wave, Square wave, Triangular wave, Static test oblique wave etc.
Load frame structure Dual columns with actuator on the top or at the bottom. Four columns with the actuator on the top
Actuator: dia. of rod/cylinder (mm) Φ45/60 Φ70/110 Φ95/170 Φ160/240 Φ190/320
Space between columns(mm) 500 600 715 760×580 960×620
Test space(mm) 700 750 900 1050 1050
Dimensions of load frame( mm) 670×620 ×2200 970×620 ×2700 1050×750 ×3050 1100×1050 ×3400 1400×1100 ×3150
Weight(kg) 700 1000 2100 3600 3900
Specimen clamping Hydraulic grip
Crosshead Hydraulic lock and test space adjusted by hydraulic elevating actuator