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Successful PDI on PLS-500S by Malaysia experts Solution for concrete sleep and rail test application 2016-12-29

The PLS-500S dynamic and static testing machine is the 2nd stage investment for railway related test laboratory for the client. The PLS-500S is aimed to run both dynamic test(0.1-10Hz) and static test, following the standard BS EN 13230-2-2009 Railway applications - Track - Concrete sleepers and bearers Part 2 Prestressed monoblock sleepers; In the second week of Dec 2016, the PDI was organized by their expert team. After 3 days trial running, the expert team is very satisfied with the PLS-500S performance. Please see the below test setup and test curve under dynamic test。
Smooth test curve under dynamic and fatigue test
center Jinan Testing Equipment is experienced in railway related tests, beside the EN 13230 standard, also it is BS EN 13674-1 2011 Railway applications. Track. Rail. Vignole railway rails 46 kgm and above for rail test, requiring for 5 million cycles & test frequency 20-40 Hz. If you are interested in, some video clips can be shared with you. For more technical detail or requirement, please feel free to contact.