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News from TE PC Strands Testing Machine in Middel East 2017-07-05

Recently, our engineer supplied service to one leading & professional laboratory in Kuwait who is the of the Accredited Third Party Laboratory and Inspection Service Provider in Kuwait. The Inspection Services Division carries out testing activities for refineries, oil field installations, power plants, petrochemical plants, state installations and other industry majors. There are 11 sets of testing machines & testing instruments at this division, 9 sets from TE, China . Among them, TE supplied with Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 1000KN & 2000KN ,500J Pendulum Impact Tester, Hardness Testers & 3000KN Compression Testing Machine etc.,

With WAW-2000H Servo Control Hydraulic UTM from TE,Excellent Prestressed Concrete Strands inserts that is 100% successful test, and this is the only one machine that can be well-tested for PC strands test in kuwait. Customers also said that it is the best one in Middle East area for PC standard test

Strain measuring solution for the PC strands by clip-on & video extensometer

WAW-2000H UTM conforms to ISO 6892, ASTM A370 & ASTM A416 etc.

Test for high strength bolts (ISO 898), PC strands, Rebar, and rebar couplings etc With Epsilon advanced strain measuring solution for rebar(model 3543), PC strands(model 3543 twist),

Relaxation Testing Machine for PC strands